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Non-leadership Exacerbates Other Top Nine Reasons States … We Must … Eliminate. http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/AA6Y3yg …

Click link to learn why non-leadership exacerbates top nine reasons … states …
we must … eliminate. http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/AA6Y3yg

For global leaders in 2015, unemployment and rising income inequality may
top leaders’ concerns, a World Economic Forum (WEF) study said Friday.

The organization has drawn up a list of the top ten issues likely to preoccupy
leaders over the coming 12 to 18 months … nigh.

While many of the concerns listed have figured on previous WEF rankings,
the experts identified two new headaches … for decisions … pending.

One is rising geostrategic competition, for instance connected with ballooning
tensions between Russia and the West, in fourth place … ranking.

Lack of leadership, moved up from seventh to third; it’s a trend which of inaction
that impacts ” … all the other issues.” said WEF head Martina Larkin.

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