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Billi “Buzz” Ard, the Fly,

The proverbial fly on the wall is near everywhere. What’s the all-seeing, all-hearing,
Buzz Ard seen, and heard, over … archaeological … ages?
Kisses, hugs, sighs, merciless eviscerations, beheadings, rapes and shrill, blood-curdling,
screams. Buzz the fly’s been … on all … (wo)man’s stages.

Hung “Kong” King, the Ape,

Kong, the ape; as dysfunctional as necessary to ruin whatever’s thoughtfully
planned; an ardent fan of royalty and all its trappings, King Kong
abhors change, revels in political incorrectness and limits what’s needlessly
planned, to TV-dinners, TV Guide … wine … she-apes … and song.

Lou “The Lip” Lippi, the Lemming,

Lou the lemming is the Arthur Everman of animal worlds. He is filled with terminal sorrow;
best being all things … to all men … as convenient.
He’s heard the Word, and of the opiates of masses; fate’s loneliness and his sad morrows,
fuel … a paralyzing … and powerless … irrelevance.

Imso “Job” Stateless, the Chupacabra,

Job, the chupacabra is a shy, God only, knows what. He is afraid of ubiquitous shadows,
of good doctors, whom might yet help; of life, love … and dreams.
If anything (save blood-sucking) needs gettin’ done, what better day then, than tomorrow?
For dreams … lose steam … when stymied … are dream teams.

Abraham Solomon “Nerd” al-Nerdi, the Sheep,

Abe, the sheep: Abe is surely the geekiest sheep alive; missing links, albeit rare, are.
But from Abe to Art, not a clue to review. Dreams are
like that. Of course, getting credit matters not to those whom seek where treasures are.
What matters is … that treasures are … where hearts are.

and, Arthur “Art”, Everman,

Ah, Arthur: Less than heroic looking, nonetheless, Art, like some heroes, is a dreamer;
alas, like all too many dreamers, he’s a dreamer of pipes;
for dreams, being dreamy, oft dissipate before life’s onslaught, as if, they never were.
Yet timely visions … in time … may become … ripe.