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Irony, the International Criminal Court and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (VI)

150 Sunni Muslims unearthed in mass grave; yet another crime against humanity
by the Islamic State … and its ‘Caliph’ … Abu Bakr … al-Baghdadi.

The ‘Caliph’ can’t kill fast enough to suit himself. Thankfully, he’s also sufficiently
brazen enough to be well on his way … to convicting himself … ironically.

For would it not be ironic if the Islamic State’s very own video postings are to be
evidence in the International Criminal Court … against … al-Baghdadi.

Verily, it would be supremely ironic if the Islamic State’s very own video postings
were to be used … as evidence … in an ICC proceeding.

For normally, in any ICC investigatory proceeding of crimes against humanity
probative evidence is less than enough to promise … a verdict of “guilty”.

But here, a sociopath on a par already with the worst sociopaths in world history,
provides evidence against himself … most fortuitously.

Most fortuitously, that is, for us; stupidly, for him and his ilk. And how much more
ironic might this be … were an outcome to be … AN END TO WAR!

An end to war …. How on Earth might that be? It may be when I treat thee
as I would be treated … by thee.