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Khalil Gibran: Trees are Poems the Earth Writes upon the Sky

Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky …. The salvation
of Earth may depend on, analogs of, Khalil Gibran.
And so it has been that this author is inspired by the poets, by William
and … the Almighty Him.

Harder to write and to read than prose, but poetry
expresses far more elegantly, passionately
and emotively than one may ever, hopefully,
aspire to … prosaically.

A form of written expression … so seemingly … like lyrical hymn,
has been … historically … so seemingly … favored by Him.
To wit, the superlative verse of the great poets, amongst them,
Ovid, Emily, Robert … and the immortal … William.

Shakespeare’s reputation, amongst thoughtful (wo)men
is amongst … the best … of the west.
It is complemented by the east’s, Khalil Gibran;
between them; amongst the best … of the best.

And so it has been that inspired by an the Almighty Him,
William, Khalil, Ovid, Robert and Emily, et. al., when expressively
needing to deliver a passionate message … dramatically,
authors know; there’s no better way … than poetically.