Occam’s razor; it has been hailed as an invaluable tool in the discipline of problem solving because the simplest explanation, in the usual case, and in the usual, eventuality —

is the right one. And the simplest explanation, bar none, is that implausibly predetermined has been each and every, actual, happening; predetermined has been each and every, single, eventuality.

The simplest explanation, bar none, is that predetermined is each and every day and each and every eventuality that indeed actually happens — during the due course — of each — and every day.

In an irony,  supreme, we are the universe’s must see — reality — TV; we are the daily fare for a universal viewership; watched live, in living color or on replay — each and — everyday.

We are the universe’s absolutely must see TV; daily fare for a universal viewership, often viewing the action on the edge of their seats, live or replayed, daily. The viewing universals

binge-watch, just like we do — back episodes; rooting for their favorite heroes. And rooting against their favorite villains. Heroes like Kim, Don, Xi and Vlad, Mo and me — heroes — universal.

Antiheroes actually are Kim, Don, Xi and Vladimir Putin; antiheroes, universal. Even Arthur is antiheroic. We are the universe’s must see, reality TV; the daily fare, for a universal citizenry …

… live, or replayed. And the universals root for their favorite heroes; and against their favorite villain. Imagine Kim all the possibilities for ye and for me. I’m very excited about all the possibilities.

Imagine Kim the possibilities should ye and I make a blockbuster deal at the last moment; just imagine how grateful I’d be if such were the impetus for my re-election, blockbuster …

… and for Nobels for Peace and Literature, very possibly shared by all of us, come what may,  come December, once passed, is November. Come December, once passed, is November …

… share Kim the stage with me and the others; in December, once passed, is November. Preview a Nobel-winning, MAYDAYS; unlike Arthur, I have in my bully pulpit — a gigantic — platform.

It’s the platform, Arthur lacks. I’m trumpeting MAYDAYS because I’m cynically repenting. As are also, Xi Vlad and even the fake Muslim, Mohammed, I am so very pleased — to inform.

Arthur’s serial tweets, are now being ghostwritten by me. Allow me to introduce myself; I’m a man of wealth and fame; a complex simpleton; simply, a genius an idiot savant some others, say.

More importantly, many are indeed saying that the simplest explanation is that this existence is my big bit part and your smaller bit part in this larger Globe Theatre’s — morality plays — everyday.


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