MAYDAY 1607: FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020

“Ye may find in Twitter’s algorithm, in space and time enough space to compose content to uniquely, fit the moment; any moment.

Accordingly, those composing Vlad’s Cabal: Xi, Kim and Mo and myself may write the story, that implausibly, seizes, the moment.”

“I’m not concerned. I’ve been hoarding hand sanitizer. And toilet paper. A virus I may well be catching. Ironic it would be; to be

sickened; with all my hand sanitizer. All the more ironic to be by last week’s hoax, so physically sickened … so suddenly.”

“Bolsonaro’s aide posted an image of himself standing with Mike Pence and myself at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend. Nonetheless, less

concerned am I with the possibility of contracting the coronavirus disease than I am losing in November, I must confess.”

“I’m a hand-shaker. It’s second nature to me I’ll lie to anyone that’ll listen. Virtually every activity that is marked by — person to person,

human interaction, on my watch, altered. We’re losing our desire to travel and for contact person … to person.”

“From a tickle in the throat, a hacking, cough. Then sudden, shortness, of breath. But getting tested, is far easier said, than done.

Five days after I announced that anyone who wants a test can get one, unless ye know someone, it’s hard … to get one … done.”

“Unless ye know someone that might ye favor it’s awful hard at the moment to get these tests done; no thanks to me, who used federal

monies at my discretion to try, to build a wall. A backlash surely, cometh. A backlash, local, national and international.”

“I’ve been assertive in closing borders to many outsiders; one of my favorite policies, actually. But within territories continental in

contrast, as the coronavirus spreads from one community to another I fear my bad karma has earmarked me, for infection.”

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