“Africa is the 800 pound gorilla. And it is sick. And it is tired. Sick and tired also. Sick and tired and mad and getting more mad is Africa.

Running high fevers in Africa; an unknown numbers of sick men. The 800 pound gorilla, is sick and mad, in Africa.”

“Africa confirmed its first case of coronavirus, today, Friday, in Egypt. And East Africa has issued a famine warning amid a locust plague,

plaguing, the continent. And the 800 pound gorilla gets the attention it craves — from a pandemic … and a plague.”

“Egypt confirms a coronavirus case, the first in Africa. And Xi in Beijing, retired for the weekend to his living quarters. His instructions

emphasized that he wasn’t to be disturbed. Then, closing the door, he assumed … a catatonic … fetal position.”

“Climate change is scary; men, even scarier. Still, everyone knows, hope springs eternal. So take hope in my poetry (Arthur’s poetry,

really). It’s algorithmic. And free — on Twitter. Tweeting to us — directly; to Vladimir and me. It’s a no-brainer to me.“

“Tweet to us directly; to Vlad and me and to the other guys. Seems a no-brainer to me. Climate change is scary; men, unsurprisingly

even scarier. But even old and infirm tweeters may well complement Greta’s marching guys, with tweets … pointedly, pithy.”

“As everyone knows, metaphysically, ontology is the study of the nature of being; in the main — scriptural and philosophical studies

— unsuited to study, scientific. It’s good background, to what’s been happening … and to the nature, of me.”

“Twitter Diplomacy. Along with Nobel Prizes — for Peace — and for Literature and my MAYDAYS, masterpiece, magnum opus.

Twitter’s algorithm converts prose, to poetry. Magnificent. Not bad for a misfit all too many say, is unfit to be the president — of US.”

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