“I’m the most unlikely superhero antihero, ever. The Creator has chosen me. And others, incidentally. Comes a climax;

Ike all climaxes, climatic. Especially adding climactic conditions onto a scenario so direly, in want of, a superhero, at … the climax.”

“I am and forever shall be a most unlikely superhero antihero. Not that there even could be another. The Creator — has chosen me.

And some others, incidentally. Comes a climax, Ike all climaxes, climatic. And it’s coming soon … to a theater … near ye.”

“Coming soon to a theater near ye. Trials and tribulations like ne’er before seen unless ye heed my Nobel Peace Prize winning MAYDAY

warning. Thanks to the committee representing the Prizes for informing me I’ve won for US … for MAYDAYS.”
cc: @NobelPrize

“I’ve won for US — for MAYDAYS — two Nobel Prizes. And so in December I’ll share with Vlad, Xi and Kim — on stage — Nobel

Prizes. One, for peace. Another, for literature. Our novel MAYDAY series of tweets, is the winner of two … noble, Prizes … Nobel.”

“My MAYDAY series of tweets has been deemed worthy of Prizes Nobel. One, for peace. Another, for literature. For tweets,

groundbreaking. The perfect pastime is poetry. If tweets help struggling diplomats especially communicate effectively, why not, tweet?”

“My MAYDAY tweets are very purposely linked in series. As in electricity’s, electrical circuits. For groundbreaking, tweets. In poetry

I have found, the perfect pastime. And if tweets help diplomats communicate effectively, why not then, tweeted poetry?”

“In poetry I’ve found a sound complement to my golfing. It’s the perfect pastime in the future Art’s from, he says. Art’s shown me

shown Vlad and the other guys too — visuals from the future. And it looks … bad for us. And it looks, very bad — for me.”

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