“I am no prophet. But I read well between the lines. Chinese employees are being barred from returning to Africa — while those who

are living in Zambia are not allowed to go to China. Africa is holding its breath along with World Health Organization, WHO.”

“Africa along with WHO, is holding its breath. Chinese workers are being barred from returning to work in Africa — those in Africa

— barred from returning to China. A million Chinese work in Africa. A pandemic comes out of China. Out of China, not Africa.”

“A million Chinese work in Africa as a pandemic work out of China. Out of China not Africa this time. Africa and China and WHO —

hold their breaths. A million Chinese workers work in Africa. Xi’s panicky. Vlad too. No word … out of Africa … from @WHO.”

“@WHO knows it doesn’t know enough about what’s happening to coordinate a global plan of action. WHO is afraid for Africa.

Africa, especially, is vulnerable to a virulent, pandemic. Still — there’s been no word out of Africa from WHO. God help … Africa.”

“Vlad and Xi and I know what’s really, happening. Chosen are we weakest of men to pen a self-help poem, self-prophesizingly,

transformational. To save a planet, for its creatures, in unison, reset. To that end a tale of fiction, nonfictional. An … epiphany.”

“Fanciful fiction, only seemingly, nonfictional, we cabalists on Luna, by earthlight, write: To reset in unison, meditate. By meditation,

synchronously, communal, we may make an allegory fictional seem also, nonfictional. Such is the power of meditation.”

“Imagine: Everyone in the same place at the same time. Just imagine! Meditation synchronously communal makes my allegory

fictional, nonfictional. A meditation, duly prayerful. The ripple effects of such an event may include, elusive peace, and prosperity.”


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