“As a literary device an allegory is a metaphor in which a character, place or event is used to deliver a broader message about real

-world issues and occurrences. But Don can’t chance that MAYDAYS’ potential energy be misunderstood and lost, to the world.”

“I can’t chance that MAYDAYS’ potential energy be misunderstood and lost to the children and to the world, generally. I eschew

describing MAYDAYS as an allegory. It is rather an algorithmic, step-by-step plan for how to redo the world, we roundly, eschew.”

“I can’t chance that MAYDAYS’ potential be subject to conventional, understanding. Not for lack of MAYDAYS’s capability as a literary

work. Nor understanding, man’s tendency, to misunderstand. So misunderstand — this — not. MAYDAYS is, revolutionary.”

“MAYDAYS indeed is, revolutionary. But in a velvety kind of way. Velvet reminiscent of a Czechoslovakia not so long at all, ago. An

epic story we raconteurs pray tell ye timely heed, as ye read on to the revelations — and to the epiphanies — awaiting man.”

“An epic story we storytelling raconteurs pray tell ye ponder as ye read. For MAYDAYS indeed is, revolutionary, albeit in a pacific,

velvety, kind of way. Velvet, reminiscent of Czechoslovakia. And I would have Urantia, Czechoslovakia … that way … mimic.”

“Revisit Czechoslovakia in 1989. And the Berlin Wall that same year. And South Africa, in ‘94; and many — other places, also. Revisit

places that are symbolically exceptional places, to spark imaginations. Spark your imagination. Those places … revisit.”

“Revisit those places. Down there on Urantia. From up here on Luna. And soirée with us, up here. Eat, drink and be by wine, made merry,

my fellow Urantians. And mark my words: Revelations; game-changers, oft, are. As are … game-transforming, epiphanies.”

“Mark my words: Rudy and I only, know about the corruption in Ukraine. Revelations are oft — game-changers. As are epiphanies —

game-transforming. Fight to have key documents and witnesses at my impeachment, trial; they surely shall not, vindicate … me.”

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