“If there are any Republican senators who believe I’ve acted less than perfectly, they ought say so, even if that results in my conviction,

in the Senate. Thankfully, it seems that there are 30 to 35 senators who lack — the courage of … their convictions.”

“If just three Republican senators link approval of the impeachment trial rules to a cloaked vote, what I fear most, a secret, vote

may happen. Dare my senators vote against President me and President Putin? Indeed, new revelations bode … a secret … vote.”

“My GOP senators could approve a secret impeachment vote if they so wish. The trial’s rules are up to the senators and need to pass

muster, only by simple majority; just 51 out of the 100, members. A secret vote; it’s the very best way past, this impasse.”

“My Republican senators see Lisa as one who views critically every issue in front of her rather than as a rubber stamp for my party.

Verily, they see her as a modern day, profile in courage. She shall place — as she should, her country over … her party.”

“Lisa values her country over her party. She’s a Republican, with a penchant, for independence. More servile senators see Lisa

as one who views critically, every issue. She is no rubber stamp, for my party. A modern day — profile — in courage … is Lisa.”

Modern day profiles in courage are Lisa and Susan and Mitt. Straight shooters, sometimes. They hew not to any party lines,

necessarily. Republicans, are they. They’ve drawn a line. And the line is clear. Country over party. Ever be true to … that line.”

“Too many hate their neighbors. Yet, we can yet break that long, embittered, impasse. We yet hateful descendants of Cain and Abel,

locked in combat, all come to know, violence. Only seemingly implausibly, in secret votes lie, evolving from, Cain and Abel.”

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