“Slash and burn. And do it quickly before a backlash slows all the slashing and all the burning. I’ll try to stop from misleading;

pretending that a burning planet may be mischaracterized as just a cozy planet warming. Slash and burn. Urantia, is burning.”

“@Jack: A word to the wise. Hi. Also; now hear this: Don’t make me haul ye back onto the carpet of the Oval Office. There is a spy,

Russian, in the employ of Twitter. A mole, shadowbanning, Art. Making Art’s tweets, invisible. Return to Russia, their spy.”

“There may be a Russian spy in Twitter’s employ. Making Art’s tweets invisible; effectively, shadowbanning, him. Do to

Russians as ye do too to Chinese. Return to Russia their spy. Offer them a word to the wise: All is fair in love and war, says Sun Tsu.”

“Sun Tsu said that, in the main, all is fair — in love — and war. He drew parallels between what’s happening and what’s happened,

always. He chastised us; calling us sick; and thick. And he called on us … to avert, what appears, most likely, may happen.”

“Sun Tsu draws parallels between what is happening nowadays and what has — already — happened. ‘Tis no act of prophecy to see,

what’s inexorably, happening. What’s already happened has way too much effect on what may, in the future, happen, unexpectedly.”

“What ultimately happens, only He knows, really. But His Watcher, Penemue, a Watcher for eons, watches still even unto this very day.

And Penemue summoned from the future, Donald’s brother, Arthur. To show The Cabal — The Truth — The Light — and The Way.”

“The Truth The Light and The Way. What shall happen only He knows. But we have been, by Arthur — in soirées, lunar, now — clued in.

Alternative destinies, beckon. But only one of them may save man and … His planet. Only — one destiny — is the right one.”

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