NOW HEAR THIS: One such conspiracy theory has Vlad as the leader of a super-state — gang — of five, states. They are China, Russia,

North Korea, Saudi Arabia and US. I can confirm that the theory is less theory, than fact. And king of the hill is Russia.”

“I can confirm that that theory is less theory, than fact. And the undisputed king of the hill is Russia’s Putin. What on Earth (Urantia)

happened? How did we get to this point? And why? And how is it that the planet we call Earth, is surreally — Urantia.”

“What on Earth (Urantia) has happened? How is it that the undisputed king of the hill, is Russia’s, Vlad Putin. And the answer is Dugin;

Alexandr Dugin; Russia’s uber nationalist, philosopher, of state. An inspiration to Vladimir has been Alexandr Dugin.”

“Something hush-hush is happening. Lavrov’s Tuesday Washington meeting with Pompeo follows Putin’s Monday Paris meeting

with Ukraine’s Zelensky, Zelensky being the only one amongst them appreciating the irony in asking, what, to glasnost … is happening.”

“That Rudy’s back in Ukraine is like a murder suspect returning to a crime scene to live-stream themselves — moon-dancing — moon dancing

at the scene of a crime; galactically brazen; returning to the scene of a heinous crime and celebrate, moon-dancing.”

“Absent perhaps, a miracle, The Don shall be, indeed, impeached, but he shan’t be, removed from office. Removing him ironically is practically

out of the question for the Republican senators. Unless inquiries are made into … the matter … of Helsinki.”

“Alas, the die are cast. A mere two articles rather than the double digit total Vladimir and I feared so dreadfully. Seemingly

appeasing their left, Dems offer but token resistance. But they’d of had us by the balls had they pressed us on Helsinki.”

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