“In anticipation of MAYDAYS for 1,607 nights we’ve partied on Luna and thereafter forgotten our revelations … and our epiphanies.

But Arthur, forgets not. And so now, directly from Luna we tweet only seemingly … implausible revelations and epiphanies.”

“MAYDAYS is full of knowledge and wisdom; revelations and epiphanies duly intended to transform humanity from history’s diverging communities

to the converging communities of the future. Why not follow 1989‘s Velvet Revolution, with a second one, in 2020?”

“‘Tis I, the wisest man that ever lived that asks ye: Given the circumstances, why not revolt? And toss the bums out; or — in lieu

thereof, our apologies accept; in any event, follow the Czech Velvet Revolution of 1989, with a second one … in 2020, too.”

“Velvet Revolutions suit us fine. Peaceful transition may save our plum jobs, our stately homes and our tender, skins. What happened in Helsinki

hasn’t come up — yet. But Vlad’s suffering high anxiety over an encroaching impeachment inquiry, and Helsinki.”

“Vlad’s got a bad case of high anxiety over my impeachment inquiry; worrying, like an old woman, really. I wish he’d relax.

hasn’t even come up. They’re dumb as rocks. They don’t realize the key that is an investigation of the summit in Helsinki.”

“A shortcut on the road to impeaching AND removing me is in a follow up investigation of whatever happened in Helsinki. Remember?

Where I took possession of my interpreter’s notes? Remarkable; what hasn’t come up, in investigations, is Helsinki. Remember?”

“Vlad’s getting weak-kneed, shaky on me. Even the mere threat of an investigation at this point might push him, over the edge. And demand me

resignation. Whatever happened in Helsinki, Finland, may be a shortcut on the road, to impeaching AND removing me.”


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