“All along I have denied all wrongdoing and decried all investigations of me. I see no end to them. I see in Arthur’s poetry, funny,

stories. Rudy’s got skills, criminal. Mine, are literary. And we hope to craft a plea agreement resignation Nobel, worthy.”

“Rudy and I. We’re copping, pleas. One, for me. One for him, seems likely, soon too. My plea agreement, Rudy and I agree, is Nobel, worthy,

under the circumstances. Vlad and his Cabal agree, too. Time to resign; ere impeachment inquiries, get to Helsinki.”

“Time to resign from presiding over US. It’s no secret, state secrets, keep leaking. Vladimir fears an impeachment’s, inquiry’s, inquiries.

That answers to questions demystify the Helsinki summit — more snake oil show — than summit. Time to resign, maybe.”

“Is it time to resign? It depends. It depends on, circumstances; circumstances extant if and when — deep state traitors

— Witch Hunt Inquisitors, inquire about a meeting, in Finland. Off, with their heads! Off with the heads, of whistleblowing, traitors.”

“When you see a subpoena with eight different crimes listed, that’s — very telling. Rudy, as far as I can tell is — up to his eyeballs — in crime.

Surprised I’d be if Rudy’s, not indicted. I know that as long I’m prez — I won’t be indicted … for crimes.”

“I know that as long I’m president I won’t be indicted for crimes. Rudy’s up to his neck, in crime. I’d be astonished, if Rudy’s not indicted.

But my Department of Justice shall have to wait til I’m not the president, to have me, before them … indicted.”

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