“I share not willingly with anybody anything. Everybody knows that. What ye think belongs to ye really surreally actually belongs to the

face of America. America first is for my base. I don’t give a damn about anyone not wearing mine, or Vladimir’s, face.”

“America first; red meat for my base; great patriots, oft, deplorable. I’m the cult’s leader. Their, white nationalist leader. They shall follow

me. And if I say so, they’ll follow, Vlad. To Charlottesville and beyond, the face of a nation they’ll follow.”

The Supreme Court may opt to hold The Don accountable, unanimously. To demonstrate certitude in these very uncertain very partisan times.

An opportunity to strike a course setting a strong precedent in cases pitting presidents against the Court next time.”

“Alas for Don there shall ne’er be any next time. Recall that Job One has always been to unconditionally avoid any jail time

for him; there’s no time for his kin. Rudy’s copping a plea for Don. His kids may need to get their own lawyers to skip jail time.”

“My kids need their own lawyers, not mine. Should they opt not to do any hard time, jail time. As for me there ne’er shall be any next time. Verily,

Job One has always been to avoid jail time. And so kin can spend time with me, but none, with my attorney.”

“I am a Russian asset, not a Russian government agent. I have become, Vlad’s boy. His poodle. His man, Friday. Job One has always been

about not going to prison. But my press conference transcript and what my White House edited-out, causes, consternation.”

“Make no mistake. I am a Russian government — asset, not a Russian GRU — agent. My press conference transcript from my agent‘s

meeting in Helsinki and what my White House, edited, out is causing in the light of Ukraine, worry, that I am an agent, Russian.”

“Sun Tsu last night in soirée said, ‘view the battlefield from that view that offers the best vantage from which to consider the answer to why

matters of advantage and disadvantage, matter.’ My transcript with Vlad Putin … was edited. Why on Earth? Why?”

“Tweet, Arthur says, in 280 characters to tell a story, as if a song. Like a hymn of measured meter, ebbing, then, flowing;

transforming any prose, to poetry. This is to clue ye in to purposes your Maker’s proposing and what about them ye ought, be doing.”

“That bears, repeating. Eureka! I have found the Cliff’s Notes to wisdom. Tell a story like a song. Like a hymn; like a river of meter; ebbing; flowing; transforming any prose to poetry. Your Maker’s proposing some renewed purpose for ye while yet living.”
“I propose today a renewed purpose for ye 8 billion. Tell stories, like songs. Like hymns. Like rivers of meter, ebbing and flowing. Be

fluid. Be water. Transforming any prose, as if magic, into poetry. So I win the noble Prize, let it be.”
cc: @NobelPrize

“Everyone knows I’m a certifiable something or other. I reiterate: Know this: My presidency and The Art of The Deal are just two of my stable,

of platforms. Genius oozes from my every pore. I’m ready, willing and able. No one knows I’m certifiably unable.”

“That backdrop ball of confusion we view from up here on Luna is the home of the four seasons and the home of Homo sapiens. Homo

sapiens. They are the stewards down there; like rock stars, trashing places. They abuse well. Using well … they don’t know.”

“In answer to Urantia’s greatest mystery, my answers to the bluebird’s ‘what’s happening’ questions. My legacy, ironically — beyond my presidencies,

my Nobels and my love lives shall be, my vision and my honesty. We’ve been wrong. But we’re sorry. Really.”

“My answer to the bluebird’s ‘what’s happening’ question shall be, to Urantia, my gift. My presidencies, my Nobels and my love lives pale

next to my vision and my honesty. Don’t worry. Be happy. I’ve been chosen. And it’s because of that, I can not, fail.”

“Artificial intelligence; it’s the future. It can simulate the Universe. It can figure out how to do just about anything. The stars are algorithms.

Algorithms, ‘Seldonian’. All kinds of behaviour, controlled. From out of the blue … in answer, algorithm.”

“Answers to urgent questions awaits but the entry of information into inanimate, ‘fair’ decision makers. Ironically, artificial intelligence;

machine intelligence; they may be our decisive, future decision makers; than the average bear, more, intelligent.”

“MAYDAYS: String theory, extrapolated from the observations of our Universe suggest that, vibrations along those strings,

connect us all, to everything. Surreally, infinitely long, vibrating strings. Vibrating constantly; connecting, together, everything.”

“Energy Secretary Rick Perry reported that he told me I was God’s choice: “I said, ‘Mr. President I know there are people that say ye

said ye were the chosen one and I said, ‘You were. But I didn’t say ye shall be. Seems The Creator has lost faith in ye.’”




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