“Imagine my fellow Americans, in my place, being. Amongst ne’er any friends; only, on planet Urantia, friendly, frenemies. Imagine

pleasant, evening soirées, lunar. Wining. Dining. Talking about peace; prosperity and poetry.” We wish ye’d … so, imagine.”

“Peace and prosperity, via wining — dining — and poetry. Recall that truths told on Luna are as good as forgotten the next day on Urantia.

And so the Cabalists and Arthur have agreed to tweet MAYDAYS from Luna — and not — from planet Earth, aka … Urantia.”

“Recall, also that Vladimir and his Cabalists are wary of me. My reputation, it seems, often, precedes me. And so wary are they

my impeachment, sully not — their spotless, reputations. Peace and prosperity, via wining, dining and poetry. That’s no, lie.”

“My reputation, precedes me. As does, Turkey’s Erdogan’s. Reputations, hard-earned. Ne’er let principles stand in the way of lying.

I’m a big fan of Erdogan. And he’s got a great relationship with the Kurds, he is so gracelessly, ethnically … cleansing.”

“Gracelessly, President Don has been helping Erdogan ethnically cleanse the Kurds from Turkey’s border areas, bordering, Syria. My

reputation, precedes me. As does, his. Reputations, hard-earned. And we shan’t let principles, stand in the way, of my lies.”

“Nancy says, “What the president has admitted to and says ‘it’s perfect’ I say it’s perfectly wrong.
It’s bribery.” ‘Tis arguably, bribery

I have committed if I confused — a quid — for a quo. But my Moscow Mitch and my GOP boot-lickers, beg … to disagree.”

“Henchmen in the Senate may acquit me if I ever stop self-destructing. And therein lies, the rub; for I am, it appears, a chosen

one. Chosen, along with Vlad, Xi, Kim and Mo to teach men how not to treat the eight billion or so … other ones … chosen.”

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