“I must confess. I’ve taken lightly, my oath of office. Governing, like a mafioso. The impeachment inquiry, irks me mightily, however I might try

to deny or otherwise lie my way through it. But I’m nothing on Urantia like I am on Luna, where … no one … lies.”

Urantia’s top-tier confidence men constitute, The Cabal. Common, con men, risen to become, uncommonly confident and uncommonly,

ruthless, uncommon, killers. King Salman‘s a royal. Vladimir, on the other hand is an uncommon, criminal, commoner; KGB, trained; desensitized — deadly.

“Witness, a former British army officer who helped start the “White Helmets” an emergency response group in Syria — has been found dead — lying

near his home in Istanbul just days after the Russian foreign ministry which was menacing him — accused him — of spying.”

“Speaking for The Cabal’s President Vladimir and our Cabalist — A-Iist brothers Xi, Kim and Mo — I, President Don feel tonight dishonor,

profound. But it pales next to the honor — the honor of being in my weakness, paradoxically, a strongman … of honor.”

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