“My flip-flop, cometh: Job one is doing no hard time. It’s not looking good. Heirs to a Deep State witch hunt, have trumped up their goods

on me. I may be forced to resign to avoid prison. Everybody wins, if I lose. And that — my fellow, Americans — is good.”

“Everybody wins, if I lose. Telling, that such a blanket averment be, objectively, likely — if not — true. The genius of MAYDAYS (my genius,

really), is in the atmospheres of Urantia and Luna, her moon. For, while we tell lies on Urantia, on Luna, only truths, may be told, by us.”

“While we largely tell lies on Urantia, on Luna, only truths are told by any two or more speaking with one another. And so it happens that Luna

is the only place in this solar system where only truth, is heard. To know it, read my MAYDAYS, or go to, Luna.”

“Protect the president! Protect, me! In my presidency; in my whole life, really, I’ve been surreally, favored — by Him. Ye read that, right. Him.

Big, Daddy. The Big, Cheese. And He would have me use my celebrity gracefully for the greater glory, of Him.”

“Henceforth; beginning today, Sunday, MAYDAY 1383, use your celebrity, gracefully. Do this in memory of Me — One Someone

said to me. To henceforth, sally forth, in my transcendental, ascent, He would have me use my celebrity, for the glory of, That One.”

“He would have me use my name recognition, my brand and my reputation, sterling; my celebrity in short, for the glory of Him. Use Kim,

your on again, off again, erstwhile, lover. Use Kim’s — Kim-Don Plan — idea to please Him. By all means, do … use Kim.”

The window of opportunity for progress in dialogue with US is narrowing, North Korea said Friday, adding, Pyongyang is expecting

reciprocal steps from US by year’s end. Kim’s in favor once again with The Don. And his advantage, President Kim, is pressing.”

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