Plots, thicken. Even as The Don’s heroic one man army, mans the ramparts from his bedroom, events keep happening. Now President Don

has been ordered to pay $2M in a civil lawsuit. Walls on all sides are closing in on the apprentice-in-chief, President Don.

Laughable, at least, a Broadway play, a TV show adaptation, a feature-length, movie — and spin offs and licensees — therefrom. MAYDAYS’

plots, thicken. Events keep happening. Walls on all sides are closing in on the ugliest American, author of … MAYDAYS.

Can’t make this up. Rudy conducted a “campaign full of lies and incorrect information” against Marie Yovanovitch — before she was up

and recalled from her post as ambassador to Ukraine as per a transcript of testimony, released today. Can’t make this up.

Corporal existence is but, illusion. Only the soul, matters. Consider: Why are some men fine exemplars of weakness while some other feckless

men are strong, exemplars, of strength? It’s the Cain-and-Abel way to teach, morality plays, contrasting, selfishness — with, selflessness.

‘Anonymous’ describes Don as cruel, inept and a danger to the nation. And a “midnight self-massacre,” resignation — of government

officials, en masse, averted only because they didn’t pull the trigger and gun down an already … teetering … government.

Imagine the dismay of the SCOTUS; feeling as if they’re in the grip of forces from far beyond — forces, cosmic, toying — with them. Thus,

the dispute is timed to be decided during next year’s presidential campaign, promising controversy for US. cc: @SCOTUS

What’s not to like about human … emotions … and memories? Short and long term memories of the inanimate, machine variety, animus,

lack. They’ve got limitations; like human memories; human memories though, evoke emotions; yeah, man. We got animus in us!

@NobelPrize: A happy 90th, Dr Kandel. Thank ye for your work with memories, short and long term. Machine memories lack the animus.

They’ve got their limitations, like memories human. Memories human though, evoke emotions; yeah man. We got animus … in us.

“When memories, pain; whether from sleights, slight or atrocities, genocidal, we all suffer. Let us cast off our chains — our modus —

operandi. Acting first and asking questions later won’t do, going forward,” said Don. Vladimir and I do apologize, to us.”

President Donald says he’s not concerned about the impeachment inquiry, personally. Bad for the country, but silver linings, abound

nonetheless; uniting Don’s fan base of fervent believers in climate change and human migration, to rally, about him, around.

Behold, Urantians the greatest flip-flop, in history. Recall, job one is avoiding jail time. But it’s not looking good. A Deep State has the goods

on him. But Don’s got a base believing in climate change and human migration. Change is happening. For … good.

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