Indeed, what ever happened to Russia’s Gorbachev’s, ‘glasnost’? To openness, in government? To sunshine laws, forcibly, illuminating,

governors, myopic. Every American must know what Don’s spoken of with the autocrats he favors, especially, Vlad … Putin.

Given Don’s quid pro quo abuse of power in Ukraine and ongoing obstructions of justice, we must find out what Don’s spoken of, with Putin.

Think about what happened to Russian ‘glasnost’. And to openness in governments under Xi, Kim, Don, Mo … and Putin.

Oh ye Dems and Never Trumpers! Ye men — and women — of little faith! Keep, the faith! For Don is the gift of ammunition, that keeps on, giving.

Forget not, predestination; just wait for him — to pass US — more ammunition.
cc: @RepAdamSchiff

As if on cue, here comes, trouble. Don’s former Russia official arrives for testimony in his impeachment inquiry. Former top national security

adviser to President Donald, Tim Morrison, arrives for closed-door testimony, in the House impeachment, inquiry.

President Donald has, all along, denied all wrongdoing, calling the current inquiry, a sham, a witch hunt and an illegal fishing — expedition.

Covert, deep-state, war against him. Disinformation for public consumption. Privately, he harbors, other opinions.

Don’s campaign people denounced the partisan vote, accusing the Dems of “illegitimate” efforts “to remove a duly-elected president for strictly

political reasons.” But he knows he wasn’t DULY elected, making him, an illegitimate, president … technically.

Even bastard presidencies, the founding fathers, in their wisdom, envisioned. But checks and balances in the Constitution, are, on their face,

inadequate in the face of a shameless populist and a rabble of a base united by race on divisive issues, of race.


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