For now, plenty of Democrats who love the idea of Don’s aides turning on him are unwilling to tie Bolton to the Resistance. It’s possible, they say,

to be a purveyor of terrible policy ideas but still balk at illegal or at least impeachable acts, they say.

Nameless, faceless and voiceless, the CIA officer who‘s triggered the greatest threat to President Don’s tenure in office seems the very

embodiment of the ‘deep state’ the president has long accused, is trying to overthrow him, by coup d’état revolutionary.

Nameless, faceless and voiceless, a CIA officer turned whistleblower; as if the disembodied, embodiment of the deep state President Don so fears,

soon, shall be one of the many authors making a living and a killing; writing about Vlad’s agent, of the year.

“Fight tougher,” exhorts President Donald of Republicans, excepting the human scum (he says), never Trumpers. But the never Trumpers

and their allies press rapidly on, while the iron’s, still hot. To impeach, and remove, the agent of the year, of Vladimir.

And Don exhorted last night (in soirée on the moon, with Art), all there, present, “To impeach and remove me, Vladimir‘s agent of the year, I pray

someone, a member of the @whca ask me about the deep state in which I am, to Vlad, 2nd in command, most days.

“I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” — President Donald Trump, July 23, ‘19. Untrue. But really

surreally, those words were uttered a mere two days before Don’s now infamous phone call, to President … Zelensky.

Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren? New polls diverge on who’s leading, heading into 2020. Odds are the polling will be converging as voting,

nears. And the question turns to whether Elizabeth Warren will abide by Joe Biden a Democratic ticket in 2020, heading?

Joe and Elizabeth. A formidable pairing of the two wings of a new and improved, Democratic Party. Polls differ on who’s now leading, heading,

into 2020. And the question turns to whether Elizabeth Warren will abide by Joe Biden the ticket in 2020, heading?

@GOP @dccc @JoeBiden @ewarren: It may well be that Joe and Liz, allied to never-Trumpers, a very strong pairing of the two strongest wings

of the new and improved Democratic party may be. Polls may differ; but if they abide one another, maybe, they’ll win.

@GOP @dccc @whca: Joe and Liz; allied to Republican, never-Trumpers, a strong pairing of two wings of new and improved, Democratic, partying.

Polls differ on who’s leading heading into 2020. And if Warren will abide by Joe’s the ticket in 2020 … heading?

The Don has long been in invent-a-plan mode. This hare-brained plan smacks of chicanery; talking the Kurds into exiling themselves from

ancestral lands, hundreds of miles, to where Don’s armored vehicles may from Turks and Syrians, protect the Kurds, from.

“I really enjoyed my conversation with General @MazloumAbdi,” Don tweeted today, referring to the Kurdish leader of the Syrian

Democratic Forces, which today accused Turkey of violating a ceasefire that had been negotiated by The Don’s … administration.

“I really enjoyed my conversation with General @MazloumAbdi,” President Donald teeeted today. Mazloum Abdi, in turn, accusing

Turkey of violating, ceasefires, didn’t make reservations for Kurdish millions to President Donald’s facilities, and outbuildings.

@MazloumAbdi feels like he’s gotten to know the Don, better. And he’s learned that Don‘s duplicity, knows, no bounds. And he’s been declining

even the frequent flyer awards that President Don’s been offering to the Kurdish millions for kindly, emigrating.

In an Atlantic piece titled, “Unfit for Office,” Conway argues that Don’s “ingrained and extreme behavioral characteristics make it impossible

to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires.” Ever on the make; ever, a criminal.

What’s the bigger picture? Hong Kong ‘belongs’ to China but has its own political system and cultural identity. Hong Kong residents often

don’t see themselves as Chinese but Hong Kongers; but for identity, and culture, men see in others, others, like them.



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