US is now moving ahead with withdrawing the rest of our roughly 1,000 Special Forces troops from northeastern Syria. Into the vacuum

created, Syria, rushes in. And Iran and Russia also, rush in with the Syrians; in support of Syrian filling, of the vacuum.

The Kurdish fighters might actually be a greater terror threat than the dreaded Islamic State, President Donald is now, parroting suddenly.

Don‘s got a set of talking points, Turkish. Thanking Russia and Syria; and the Kurds condemning, most, dishonorably.

In Ankara on Thursday, @VP gave Erdoğan everything the Turks (and Vlad) wanted in the long-threatened war started following a green light

from Don during their now, infamous, phone call. US did not even get the status quo ante. But Vlad thinks, he’s right.

@VP: Ye are a good soldier, wannabe. Good, at following orders. Too good for your own good as a matter of fact, given everything — ye know.

Ironically, all too soon enough, your lapses in judgment, may all too soon enough well evidence, all that — ye know.

All too soon enough Mike your lapses in judgment may well evidence, all that ye know. Ye are a good soldier, wannabe. Good, at following orders.

But to salvage your good name and your former spiritual trajectory, ye must, your personal priorities, reorder.

Donny got rolled by Turkey. At least, Mitt seems to think so. And now he’s calling for hearings on it. And others are calling for the release of what Don

and Erdogan said on that call; and on other calls; and meetings like the Helsinki meeting, with Putin.

Others soon may take up the call; for the release of what The Donald and Erdogan said on their call; and indeed, on other calls; and in

meetings like the one in Helsinki with the master puppeteer, co-author, of MAYDAYS — Russian President — Vladimir Putin.

MAYDAYS, @VP, ye ought ask the president about at your weekly lunch with him. So that ye may confirm he’s keeping ye around him in darkness to

be a convenient, patsy. A dupe; a mark; a fall guy. Someone willing to take the blame and go down, in flames, too.

A dupe; a mark; a fall guy. Someone willing to take the blame and go down, in flames. Mike: The Donald’s been keeping ye around, to his patsy, be. Reorder

Mike, your priorities. Go, to the Cabinet. Declare Donald, unfit. Do Mike, your Constitutional, duty.

In Dallas last night Don bashed Dems as ‘crazy’ and Nancy as ‘nuts. “Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids in a lot,” he said.

You got to let them fight and then you pull them apart.” Of an armed, armored man, arrested nearby, nothing he said.

There’s a better way — on these facts — to remove a president than impeachment. It is in the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to our Constitution.

Easier, it may be for the GOP to concede that Don’s sick than that he’s a common criminal desecrating the Constitution.

The sudden empowerment of Turkish-backed Syrian militias; yet another turnaround in Syria’s eight-year-old war. Evidence of, coercion.

President Don’s decision to pull US troops out before a Turkish military incursion makes less sense now than it did then.


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