12 hours. 4 hospitals, bombed; one culprit: Russia’s, Putin. Ethnic cleansing of the Kurds in northeastern Syria may clear the way

to base more US troops in Saudi Arabia. To get the Kurds out of the way in Syria it is in the interests of US to clear a way.

WAR CRIMES: The systematic planning and cold execution of a plan to bomb in 12 hours, 4 hospitals. There is one culprit: Russia’s, Putin.

The cleansing of the Kurds in northeastern Syria is happening on Don’s watch at the direction of, WAR CRIMINAL, PUTIN.

ISIS, quicker than quickly, rears its head; adding to the chaos attending a Don-approved Turkish invasion of Kurdish-held, territory. Ironically,

confirming, the resurgence of the Islamic State. Five militants escape, and a bomb goes off, all too, quickly.

Forget, committees. Forget, subpoenas, never obeyed. The House already has everything it needs for the impeachment of The Don,

providentially provided, by the president. His public statements; especially his tweets; a record, of impeachable … admissions.

Don had lunch with Rudy yesterday, dismissing, by tweet, afterward, any investigation of him as “a one sided Witch Hunt” by — the “Deep State,”

thereby concealing, his second only to Vladimir Putin, position in a very real, albeit — unofficial, deep state.

The Turkish attack began after US forces that have backed the SDF withdrew from part of the Syrian-Turkish border. The SDF, a major ally

of the US against ISIS deems the evacuation, a stab in the back. ‘Tis a stab in the back — to be, lied to — by an ally.

In an inherent contempt proceeding the House or Senate has its sergeant-at-arms or a deputy of that person takes someone into custody.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Walls are closing in on an increasingly claustrophobic President Donny.

Ambassador Sondland’s impending testimony sounds like that of a man knowing that any defense of The Donald threatens his own backside

and may quickly fall apart upon further scrutiny. All the president’s men; getting protective of threatened … backsides.

And — pray tell — why not? Witness a video of Don’s mass shooting of enemies in politics and the media, aired, at a campaign event. The clip

ends with Don putting a stake into the head of one with a CNN logo for a face; on Don’s face, smiling … his lips.

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