MAYDAYS got snubbed. Worse (all for the better), bested, by a girl; Greta is the odds on sentimental and political favorite to win, later today, the Prize, for Peace.

Much to the chagrin of the rulers of Earth. The Cabal feel tonight, unhappy; for Greta wins today, the Prize, for Peace.

@GretaThunberg may win today a much-coveted Peace Prize. It is heartening that she’s the odds on favorite to win, with wisdom

Solomonic, the Prize for Peace. It’s not surprising that Greta‘s got more wisdom, than any man who says, unmatched, is his wisdom.

“Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to achieve peace and cooperation,

international … to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea” reads his citation. Abiy; congratulations.

President Don’s various feints could simply disguise a predetermined strategy to stonewall the proceedings step-by-step in hopes that the voters

get tired of the circus and/or it merges with the 2020 campaign making impeachment a moot point for the voters.

Making impeachment a moot point; a footnote; just by letting the Democrats themselves, drown in swamp water, the voters. War,

lightning along with a long, drawn-out war of attrition. President Donald: A man of peace. And if far from the fray, a man of war.

President Don is a clear and present danger. Lazy, utterly incurious and too insecure to listen to advice or even admit to mistakes. Given that he

is in fact what he accuses others of being, an enemy of the people we ought be really thankful … surreally.

Given that President Don is in fact what he accuses others of being, that is to say, an enemy of the people, we ought be surreally thankful to him.

For being the all-consuming conflagration, before Urantia’s regrowth, in anticipation of its, reforestation.

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