The Chemistry Nobel has been won by three for their work on the Lithium ion batteries, driving hi-technology things; from mobile phones — handy,

to laptops and electric cars. Laying a foundation; and paving the way to a wireless, fossil fuel-free, society.

The plot thickens; with each new development Don’s situation is worsening. There is no good news in any of this; not any prospect Don

can reverse the momentum favoring impeachment. Nor much hope of getting him out, with the least amount … of humiliation.

Given a bent to recklessness and self-destruction the chances that the president will get through this unscathed are becoming … slim.

Increasingly, Republicans are imagining the scarcely imaginable: Whether the party’s better off with him or without him.

Meanwhile, in Beijing, China’s demanding Washington lift sanctions on Chinese tech companies and warned Wednesday it will “resolutely

safeguard”, the country’s interests. Antsy, are Vladimir and his Cabal. And extremely antsy, also, is getting … the GOP.

The Nobel Prizes to be awarded tomorrow and Friday correspond respectively to Literature and Peace; two areas of endeavors, human,

near and dear to Vladimir, Xi, Kim, Don and Mo. For MAYDAYS is the name they’ve given to the algorithm, that’s Plan, Kim-Don.

It’s been noted that “if the (notoriously unpredictable) Academy has a preference it is for authors whose work may be read as an

allegory to larger stories of nations or cultures. Polish novelist Olga Tokarczuk satisfies, that socio, political, criterion.

Olga is one such author. One whose work may be read as an allegory to larger stories of nations or cultures, or states, of being. Between sanity

and insanity, there’s a fine line. As ye may soon see, should The Cabal’s, MAYDAYS — win, the day — for poetry.

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