In soirée last night on Luna each member of Vladimir’s Cabal arose to address the multitude assembled on her surface. And in succession, they

all proclaimed: “All hail Vladimir, the President of Russia and The Master, of all of the Universes … this day.”

Witness Don’s very own words in soirée last night when he said — and magically, concurrently — tweeted, “My strategy is to win in 2020. To

stay out of prison. To make lots of money for us, of the Cabal. Fear me not, Vladimir. And send not to US, assassins … too.”

“All hail Vladimir; the President of Russia and the Master — of the Universes — today.” In soirée on Luna last night each member, moreover,

did say to the visionaries gathered, “All hail President Vladimir; Vladimir is — at least, for today — its Master.”

All hail President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. On Urantia, he’s the President of Russia. And Vladimir is, additionally, on this very same day,

as well, President of the Cabal, that rules over us. And the Master of the Universes — at least … for today.

Pandora’s Box or Pangaea’s Panacea? Not as easy, as it sounds. For no matter what truths the Cabal’s brothers may

say on Luna, they routinely belie it the following day on Urantia; Prayers, in verse. Linked into epic poetry. To be, or not to be … someday?

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