Pray, for The Bahamas. Pray too, for Florida. And pray that Republicans submit The Donald to pressure. It’s not about whether Dorian’s a four —

or — a five. It’s about lives and property lost unnecessarily. It’s about national security with our sea border.

“It’s important to note that much of Florida and the Southeast coast remain in the forecast ‘cone of uncertainty,’ meaning [that] landfall’s

still possible anywhere along the east coast of Florida and points further north,” CNN says; to a … very, possibly, disastrous, landfall.

Most models now project Dorian — a high-end Category 4 hurricane — staying just off Florida’s coast Tuesday and Wednesday and skirting

the coasts of the Carolinas on Wednesday and Thursday. Dorian’s been welcomed by Don; as a Force of God, from his other problems … distracting.

NOTE: The Hurricane Center advises that models it “normally uses” shift the hurricane’s track far enough to the east that “none of them forecast

Dorian to make landfall in Florida.” Others bring him over Florida. One of them’s the UKMet; more accurate than our American forecasts.

Despite the uncertainty in Dorian’s track along the southeastern U.S. coast, more certain is Dorian‘s track to the islander, Bahamians; Bahamians

face a punishing hit from Dorian. Mattering but little to Donald are dark-skinned, British subject, Bahamians.

The Bahamians; they matter, in The Donald’s book, but little. Except as a windbreak against Dorian. As the Puerto Ricans might have done for US —

their colonial — masters. They remain ungrateful — for billions of dollars and millions — of paper towels from US.

“Puerto Ricans,” said Don last evening in soirée on Luna “ought have done for their colonial, masters, better. Treating one’s betters — better —

is better, than not. They may merit being stripped of their citizenship … and being sent to Greenland. They ought have known better.”

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