Dorian’s been upgraded from a tropical storm to a hurricane. Happily causing but limited damage, in the tropics, of the Caribbean, Dorian’s

headed, as if for Florida’s, Mar-a-Lago. Soon, even less to spend — on a steely black wall — on the border, Mexican.

Dorian looks headed for Florida’s, Mar-a-Lago. And the National Weather Service is advising any fat heads living there to immediately,

evacuate. To retaliate, Don plans on revoking the citizenship of Puerto Ricans, and move them, to Greenland, eventually.

Moving to Greenland — involuntarily — may be, the
Puerto Ricans. Along with Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans and Mexicans.

Dorian looks headed for Florida’s, Mar-a-Lago. The National Weather Service advises any moron living there to fly to Washington.

Dorian did not interact with the high terrain of the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. Likely, it may be strengthening. Computer models

show it rapidly intensifying into a major hurricane. Dorian is a growing threat to Don’s weekend of golf, at the Doral.

Thinking of buying travel insurance against Dorian? It may be too late. Not buying coverage until a hurricane is imminent, already formed, or already named,

means the storm was a ‘foreseeable event’ and is ineligible for coverage … in the insurance game.

‘Foreseeable events; what’s likely to happen given this setting, these characters and these old and tired, plot lines. MAYDAYS: A primer; on

reading between the lines. An algorithm — of an algorithm. A panacea — for Pangaea; for a desperate, President Don.

On the foreseeability of events; algorithmic, artificial intelligence may someday guide us better in critical, decision-making. MAYDAYS:

Panaceas for Pangaea; and for desperate presidents. Presidents like Vlad. Xi. Kim. And Don; the co-authors, of MAYDAYS.

It’s unclear. Where, exactly the storm, may hit. And how strong it may become. Mar-a-Lago lies in a cone of uncertainty. Mother Nature’s reach —

like Vlad’s — is global. Oft explosive, she’s not vindictive. As Dorian … makes a bee-line … to Palm Beach.

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