MAYDAY 1507: SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 2019

In Biarritz today the frontmen of the G-7 — have a meeting of the minds — of sorts. In any event, Vladimir ‘s ruling, international-deep-state Cabal,

shall in real-time, be there as well. The international deep state; ‘tis none other than Vladimir’s Cabal.

Nothing less than an international deep state ‘tis Vlad’s Cabal. In Biarritz today frontmen of the G-7 meet. There is little hope of any consensus.

They hope but for less embarrassment than is usually associated with associating, with the President, of US.

The summit’s gotten off to a testy start with the distinguished leaders exchanging barbs, posturing, and making, Donald-like, trade, threats.

The French sidelined Don by focusing on climate crises. Seems he had little to say about climate, crisis, threats.

It’s the economy, stupid. That strategy’s, fast gaining traction as Don attacks by tweet his Federal Reserve Chair; escalates, by tweet,

hostility with China; and tweets companies to stop dealing with China. Of stocks sent plunging, he jokes … in tweets.

Hundreds of new fires set in a single day as as the Amazon burning outrage grows. The growing crisis threatens to torpedo a blockbuster

trade deal between the European Union and South American countries, including Brazil, its taken 20 years … to deliver.

Whoever holds Greenland shall hold the Arctic. It’s the most important strategic location in the Arctic and perhaps the planet. But it’s proximity

to sea lanes, minerals and rare earth elements in ground, explain only partially, this initiative, to policy.

The Amazon is burning, the Arctic is burning and the list of scorched lands seems to continuously grow: Across Europe, Alaska, Siberia, Greenland

and in Indonesia, we must take action, now. And one of the lands is the still, largely ice-covered, Greenland.

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