Israel approves humanitarian request from Tlaib to visit grandmother in West Bank. With three weeks to go before Israelis hold their election,

Bibi’s battling to stay in office. Banning 2 Muslims; appealing to his right-wing, support base … pre-election.

On banning 2 Muslim Congresswomen from entering Israel: Justifying the decision, Bibi said in a statement “Tlaib and Omar are leading activists in promoting

legislation of boycotts against Israel, in the American, Congress.” Banned; for democratically … their views, expressing.

In a tweet-storm Don suggests Israel was ‘setup’ after Tlaib finally rejects Israel’s invite, inferring also that Tlaib‘s grandmother, isn’t really

Tlaib‘s grandmother; and Alexandria is angry that Omar and Tlaib … are stealing her thunder, politically.

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