In Asia, as violence escalates and old animosities are rekindled, Washington has chosen inaction. Whether battles in India and Hong Kong or the rivalry

between two American allies, in clashes of civilizations may end, The Don’s ‘America First’ … policy.

@UN: It’s not just Asia; nativism’s rhetoric is on the rise, everywhere; along with sea levels; and the levels of desperate, human migrations. In

clashes of civilizations may end, Don’s ‘America First’ policy just as predicted — in his address — to the UN.

Remember @UN? Don’s inaugural address to ye? Wherein he warned — of clashes — of civilizations? Nativism’s rhetoric is on the rise;

along with sea levels; and the levels of human migrations. Arise, Homo sapiens! Demand, velvet, revolutions! (Wo)man; arise!

On the rise — and fall — of Twitter Diplomacy. Even suggesting a link between the trade war and Hong Kong’s unrest arouses Chinese

suspicion that the US seeks to leverage China’s domestic crisis in a broader strategy to stunt — economic momentum — Chinese.

The Don, Twitter, has weaponized. As Don tweets or retweets, the tweets become news. And as The Don tweets more and more about whatever’s

happening, the news and the media cover those tweets, too; sharing them with the 78% of Americans … not, on Twitter.

@Twitter: A ‘frenemy’ of Don. For Don, has no friends. Just enemies and frenemies, interchangeable. Hate rules Don’s heart and blind ambition,

has seduced him. He loves (with the exception of roly-poly, ‘lil button’ Kim), only himself. And blind, ambition.

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