MAYDAY 1492: SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2019

Meet the one some call ‘Putin’s Rasputin’: His name is Alexander Dugin. He’s an ultranationalist Russian philosopher. A modern philosopher;

one with his own think tank. Publishing content like “Donald Trump Can Make Europe Great Again.” Some — philosopher.

Dugin’s 1997 “Foundations of Geopolitics,” proposed a detailed strategy of how Russia could reassert itself internationally upon the Union’s,

collapse. Among its recommendations, then: Annex the Ukraine and encourage Britain’s exit from the European Union.

For Americans the most chilling section of Dugin’s book is on American politics. There Dugin writes Russia should “introduce (conflict),

geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts.”

Sounding like a postmodern thinker straight out of 20th-century Paris the Russian philosopher, political theorist and far-right ideologue, the agendas

of left-wing thinkers, has studied. He’s taken up their theories (and tactics) to advance his own agenda.

Alexander Dugin’s taken left-wing theories and tactics to advance his own agenda. And it’s a fascist, agenda, now, President Vlad Putin’s,

as well. And Vladimir has learned his lessons, well. That’s why the President of the Cabal … also, is, Vlad Putin.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Master Puppeteer. But the puppeteer’s brains are in Dugin, his theories having been co-opted by President Putin.

Putin has learned his lessons well. That’s why both — the Cabal — and the Russians have as president, Vlad Putin.

Putin’s Rasputin is a prominent Russian philosopher known to be influential upon President Vladimir Putin. And he is a Russian,

ultranationalist. Dugin and Putin believe all’s fair — in love — and war. It’s why Russians spy, so much better than, Americans.

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