On white supremacy, guns and a President taking no responsibility for stoking racial animus. Who’s turn tomorrow? We can trust in dumb luck,

tomorrow. Or pair immigration reform with gun legislation, pass background checks and not rely, on sheer, dumb, luck.

Paraphrased; … a reminder of how white supremacy is aided by — and often relies upon — the cowardice of mainstream institutions. So tweeted in

part, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez about a NYT headline, overly, deferential, and entirely, the point, missing.

It’s not just the Times. All in fact, are missing — the point. A whole nation has its eyes set on danger approaching from one direction, virtually blind,

however, to greater dangers approaching from other, directions. Ironic; that sighted men, be so blind.

That sighted men — be — so blind. The irony is killing Art. It seems that men are created equally deaf, dumb and blind.

Deaf — to what we hear. Blind — to what see. And dumb, to speaking the Truth if we saw and heard it. Truly men are deaf, dumb and blind.

‘We don’t want him here’: Facing the prospect of protests in El Paso and Dayton after last weekends’ twin mass shootings an off white White House

declines to provide details of the president’s schedule. His Secret Service detail needs to keep him in house.

IMAGINE the global celebration that shall ensue if — and when the Secret Service unit of the Deep State conspiracy arrests, The Don, publicly.

Publicly, cuffing him — and reading him his Miranda, rights. No man is above the law, in a Deep State, democracy.

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