MAYDAY 1480: SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019

Vlad says I’ve excelled in dividing the nation, asking I keep up, my excellent, work. So, let US not forget 9-11. Blame the Muslim American, woman, Ilhan

Omar. And send her and her kind back to Somalia. Back to wherever her brown and black kind, come from.

@GOP @dcccc: God forbid anyone take matters, into their hands. Assassinating, him. Making of him, a martyr; to supremacists intolerantly, white.

He’s trashed 200 years of history. Inciting violence, is Don. Against all, not, lilly white.
cc: @SecretService

@Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc: A Vlad-made, world order. Vlad‘s mole at Twitter works to neutralize, Art’s

tweets. As the Cabal move, to Art, neutralize. Vlad’s, ambivalent. Don’s gone, rogue. He defers on killing Don. Not so … Art.
cc: @SecretService @FCC

Oblivious are we. And naturally skeptical of criticism of sometimes, great leaders. But these are not your father’s, dictators. A world order,

Vladimir-engineered, unknowingly upon US, is foisted. But only seemingly oblivious are we, to new, world, orders.





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