MAYDAY 1465: TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2019

When oil won’t mix with water. When everyone’s done, gone rogue. Then, if we’re lucky we may, by His Boundless Grace, this really Godless paradigm,

abandon. Then we may consider abandoning the sovereignty paradigm in favor of a Golden Rule ruled, paradigm.

Meanwhile back in Hong Kong, protesters, are marching again; aiming to take their message to the mainland. From the mainland, their oft

omniscient, big brother, Xi, is watching; and listening. But when oil mixes not … with water … all bets … are off.

Verily, when mid-eastern oil, mixes not with mid-eastern water, all bets, especially, in Vegas, are off. The Hong Kong protesters are again, marching.

Taking their message, to the mainland to Xi, in his, face. Meanwhile, in Beijing Xi is … masterminding.

The Hong Kong protesters are once again, marching. Taking their video and audio taped message, to the mainland; to Xi, in his face. Meanwhile, in Beijing

Xi, in consultation with Vlad, is masterminding, a Chinese reaction, in response to, the provocation. Something, backbreaking.

In a conference call Vlad recounts to Xi how the crew of a stricken Russian nuclear submarine, bravely averted a planetary, catastrophe. “Let’s not be

forgetful Xi,” Vlad reminds him “that we have nuclear, capabilities. And of course we have, sovereignty.”

“Let’s not be forgetful Xi,” Vladimir reminds him; “That we have nuclear weapons. And sovereignty. And at the ready, diplomatic denials, saving,

whether plausible, or implausible. Use it, Xi, or lose it. A nuclear strike on Hong Kong in time, nine, saves.”

“Use it Xi or lose it. A nuclear strike on Hong Kong in time, nine saves.
Forget not Xi,” Vlad reminds him; “We Xi, have nuclear weapons. All, mighty.

And sovereignty. And denials, saving, notwithstanding any plausibility. Why not kill them all, suddenly?”

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