MAYDAY 1446: THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2019

Iran shoots down an American drone that cost American taxpayers, one hundred million dollars, American. Stocks are down on the alarming news.

Nothing tho, to be alarmed about. Just nations flexing muscles; defending redlined, borders; borders, in the news.

Meanwhile, back in Pyongyang, Kim meets with Xi; to coordinate their strategic plans, against US. In accordance with master

puppeteer, Vladimir’s, orders. Hang men, together. And gang up on Don. Hang together; else, hang, individually. Sincerely, Vladimir.

In anticipation of WW III in the looming play-offs, instead of a cage fight between the Iranian Ayatollah and the American President, their young men

on their behalf, shall fight. And if necessary, to save their shameless faces, our women and our children.

Putin. Opportunistic. And lucky as an Irishman. In Crimea, Ukraine, Britain and America, he bet big. And won, big time. Now, master puppeteer Putin’s

betting his very soul; warning Don, war with Iran shall be catastrophic; having been warned by, Rasputin.

Rasputin. The Mad Monk, himself; amongst the invited, last night. At the evening soirée on Urantia’s Luna. And he regaled us, charming even President

Don; one not given to listen for even a minute, to anyone. Minute, is the attention span of the President.

@AdelAljubeir: Witness, citizens of Urantia, the latest spokesperson for the Saudi government. Imagine being in Adel’s shoes. Try to imagine it, surreally.

Being the head apologist, for a known assassin; Jamal Khashoggi’s, killer. Where’s the job, security?

There’s not much hope for job security on Urantia. Unless ye are unionized. And have citizenship, papers. With the White House threatening mass raids,

undocumented immigrants try to stay out of sight of immigration officials; out of the way of their raids.

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