MAYDAY 1419: FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019

Vlad’s Cabal: A conspiracy, between four. Five, when IbS, joins. And in the catbird seat would have been China had they been, but for the people for.

Ironically, the rulers rule, not in the interests of their citizens, but for, their own interests … for.

Still, it’s Vladimir’s Cabal. Too few understand that events, not men, rule. Events chart the meandering destinies of men. Events, chart their courses;

and their ends. Vlad reminded Art last night; what often happens when one recommends, alternate courses.

Art’s blowing the whistle on the Cabal; on the four on it; and the wannabe. That’s nothing new. What is new is the fake narrative that discounts the Cabal.

The Don and Nancy trading barbs; it’s distracting from the hunt for the leaders, fake, of the Cabal.

There’s a narrative not generally out there. Not in the media, mainstream. One that acknowledges as Art charges the reality of the Cabal. No one knows what Art knows.

But we now have the ‘Vladimir Putin’ Talk Show so all may know.
cc: @BBCWorld and @RT_com

Witness: Even as Art tweets, Don’s considering further favoring the already heavily favored, Saudi royal, family. Raising questions so very scary,

very few, go there. Like, why is the President so deferential to Vladimir Putin and the Saudi, royal, family?

‘We need everyone’: Greta calls on adults to join climate strikes on Friday 9-19-19. Just get up and walk out of your work place. And take your place and march.

If ye can not march, retweet this or tweet your own; to everybody. To tweet and or … march.

Reasonable men may disagree as a matter of principle. And so neither The Don nor IbS shall be joining the protest. Nor Vladimir, Xi and Kim. They

believe in fossil fuels. And climate heating, hysteria. The Cabalists shan’t march with us on … that Friday.

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