MAYDAY 1415: MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019

Too few know that for the Laughing-Stock-in-Chief, knowing so little about everything has had but a minimal effect, on his political, trajectory. Nor

those of his Cabalist,
contemporaries, Xi, Kim and Vlad; nor for Mohammad, whom the Cabal, hopes … to favor.

The Cabal hopes to favor, in June, after May’s days, IbS. To elevate him to the most influential decision-making body on the entire face of the planet.

Germany and France, are out. North Korea and Saudi Arabia, are in. Pursuant to Vlad’s Decree, to own it.

@Kasparov63 warns of a ‘cyber Cold War,’ saying Western ‘political will’ is needed; and is lacking. But Art says the West may deter bad actors in our

political processes, interfering by opinion-tweeting, campaigns. To show them, algorithmic, people, power.

A cyber Cold War is heating up fast. And Cold Wars, may easily escalate into, hot wars. The next World War maybe, may be the third in a series, WW III.

WW III’s sequel shall never be. Anti-Trumpers are campaigning on Instagram. On Twitter, Art’s poetry.

A “crazy” president. A “confused” White House. “Contradictory” tweets. Iranians demand a coherent message and respect from the President.

They get, neither. Why, neither? Why, now? A show of force by Saudi Arabia, courtesy of, an American, show, President.

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