MAYDAY 1413: SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019

Hatice, @mercan_resifi: Hatice: Follow Art. Help Art show IbS the Way, in lieu of the way, to prison. ‘Unintended collateral damage’, the Saudis may

diplomatically say to Hatice, once, Jamal’s fiancee; if anything, they disingenuously, diplomatically, say.

@KingSalman: ‘Unintended collateral damage’ may read markers of graves, some day; disregard this tweet, at your peril. @KingSalman: Repent.

Help show IbS, the Way. In lieu of the way, to prison. The markers may say,
‘Unintended, collateral, damage. Repent!

To stay out of prison, try Truth and Reconciliation. Have your nephew admit his crimes. Repent. Compensate. Ask for forgiveness. And be confident

that Almighty, Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh forgives ye, even if men reject, categorically, self-serving, laments.

King Salman’s nephew, IbS, sadly, has done more to kill him than any Houthi, Yemeni, rebel, ever may have. One vile act by him.

Desecrating Islam, his King, and the perhaps, short-lived, Kingdom, of Saudi Arabia. Ye smell, of him. Ye stink of him … King.

One vile act desecrated Islam, his King and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From afar, an order, chilling: For a killing; an assassination. Mohammad

added, liquefaction, to rid the Kingdom of a body. It’s up to ye King, to rid the Kingdom, of Mohammad.

If it’s up to the King to rid the Kingdom of Mohammad, he likely won’t do it. Perhaps,
@mercan_resifi one act desecrating Islam, a King

and the entire Kingdom, may prompt women to tweet directly to, @KingSalman. No man’s, above the law. Not even, the King.

No man’s above the law. Not even the King. Unless ye live in Saudi Arabia. If it’s up to the King to rid the Kingdom of Mohammad, he won’t do it. But women

and children, in addition to men, are empowered now. Tweet directly to the Saudi King, @KingSalman.

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