MAYDAY 1410: WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2019

@WHO’s investigating with @CIA and @FBI whether President Donald has been a Russian double agent; or was innocently victimized by Xi’s China,

Vlad’s Russia or Kim’s, North Korea. WHO’s got a blood test. @Interpol suspects, Russia … North Korea and China.

China stands defiant against US. Against a backdrop of top-secret investigations; by @WHO; by the @CIA; by the @FBI. Has President Don

been Russia’s double agent, or has he been, innocently victimized, by Xi’s China, Vlad’s Russia, or North Korea’s … Kim?

Xi stands defiant against US. Even against a backdrop of distracting investigations; China’s Xi correctly extrapolates to war and likely Chinese

victory, ultimately. But Xi discounts forces, metaphysical. Forces like The Force, in ‘Star Wars’, not Chinese.

Xi discounts forces, metaphysical. And forces and institutions, not Chinese. Still, the Cabal discount not the threat posed by Art Everman. A MAYDAYS’s,

co-author; he who extorted the Cabal to be co-authors, too. In case 8 billion come for them, some day.

Art is the author of MAYDAYS’s, albeit, the co-author, officially. And MAYDAYS is the algorithm in verse Art has written for Urantia’s citizens and ghostwritten

for the Cabal. They pray for Plan A but need a Plan B, contingency Plan in case of, revolution.

Revolution. A time honored tradition, A driver, in the past, of social evolution. Modern weaponry makes traditional revolution, prohibitive. The precedent

to follow is a past revolution, velvet. MAYDAYS is the algorithm, in verse, Art’s written to (wo)men.

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