MAYDAY 1400: SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019

Lies, atop, lies. But The Don’s declarations last night in soirée on Luna, were, for Art, proof positive that he is deranged. For verily,

albeit one can only speak the truth in Luna’s atmosphere but if ye believe what ye are saying, then it’s true, verily.

Don says he talked to Putin about Russian Hoax but not about ongoing election interference. Lies, atop, lies. With but an only occasional truth

thrown in. Don’s declarations last night on Luna and on Urantia today; proof positive, The Don knows not, truth.

In what is being described as a slow-motion, constitutional, car crash: an increasingly imperial Don readies to stymy seemingly everlasting,

investigations. And with no end in sight, this can only end badly, for the Republicans.
cc: @GOP @dccc

A Supreme Court conservative, it’s role awaits. Ruling, Congressional oversight, fairly characterized as presidential harassment. Presidents

need be unfettered, they’ll reason, for the people. A democracy, gutted. A sovereign, President.
cc: @GOP @dccc

Don’s re-election strategy: ‘Investigate the investigators’; a new battle cry; countering Mueller’s report. Making The Donald seem a victim, innocent.

Strategy, politically, risky. Given all that may be forthcoming from investigations … of the President.

Don won’t run, much less, win the election in 2020. That notwithstanding Vlad’s intent to reprise the Russian surprise of their prior, electoral,

interference. And many Evangelicals. Struggling with sacrificing for their religion, their nation, in trouble.

The Evangelicals. In common with Vlad’s Russians, they support the President and candidate, The Don.

That notwithstanding, maybe Don’s criminality disqualifies him, from running. Don won’t run, in 2020. A matter of record is the criminality of … The Don.

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