Vladimir, speaking honestly last night, in soirée on Luna, fatefully, said, “We of the Cabal admit our guilt before God, and man. Mere criminals, uncommon,

by twists of fate, risen, to statesmen. Our Plans: Plan A, status quos and Plan B, transformations.”

President Vlad continued. “Our Plans: Cynical Plan A status quos and remedial Plan B transformations.” He quoted Sally,

saying, “If (The Donny) was not president he would be indicted.” Entitled are diplomats, albeit not de jure to de facto … royals, be.”

Meanwhile, far from the lawless place in the desert where Abu’s hiding, in lawful New York, President Donald is suing his own lenders, Deutsche Bank

and Capital One to block House subpoenas for documents. Ingrates! Every Deep State one who’d have him tank.

“Ingrates! Ungrateful, the Deep State ones who’d have me, tank. The majority, who never wanted me, anyway. Ingrates, are they. Truly,

democracy’s, traitors. For today the Deep State has come for me. Tomorrow the Deep State comes not for me … but for ye.”

Don has weapons. To defend himself. And his family. To deny and delay, defensively. Offensively, he’s got: Religionism, nationalism and racism. To

construct walls, both physical and metaphysical. He sees things from the white nationalist … point of view.

Parents may recognize in the behavior of US and Iran, similarly, analogous behavior, in their children. It is, quite simply, name-calling. One calls one,

unkindly, a name. The other one calls the one who started it, a name too, oft … the very, same, one.

MAYDAY 1395: TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019: An infamous date, this date. Never forget, why. As infamous this date in another year as maybe,

may be famous, tomorrow’s May first, in years upcoming. For thirty days hath May’s, testimony, revelations and epiphanies.

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