Art prays: “Holy, Father. Father too, to my brothers. Have your Angels, have my back as I encourage the children to challenge also, Vlad, Xi, Kim and Don.

Pressuring our presidential brothers to declare their respective crimes: TO SERVE NO TIME IN PRISON.”

The CHACHOMANOPAPA CHALLENGE to our kids. Our legatee, children. Their birthrights, criminally stolen. And negligently, lost. The inaugural

challenge is to tweet the cabal members, your opinions on whether Truth and Reconciliation, in the case of the cabal, is … or not, viable.

Whether such a noble purpose goes viral is algorithmically directly proportional to the square of the hypotenuse of the arc of the triangle

formed between, ironically, your Sun, your planet, Urantia and Luna. Make … the formula go … implausibly viral.

Global citizens: Urantians: Lend me your ears: The formula must go, viral. Whether such a noble purpose, indeed, goes viral is proportional,

algorithmically, to the square of the hypotenuse of the arc of the triangle formed between sun, planet and orbital.

Like a leftist mannequin was Art left last night. Left even of, @AOC. Blown over by the autism that’s been a revelation of Greta Thunberg’s super powers.

Surreally sparking for Art, a stunning explanation of past, odd behaviors of Arthur Everman’s. Thanks, Ms.

Welcome, Greta, to the front lines. Battle lines, drawn, even as fighting, rages. For we are in a tenuous position of having to nature, itself, combat.

Some governors are sympathetic. Others, saboteurs. We need empathy not sympathy to have Mother Nature come back, not for combat.

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