Trump Tower-Moscow: The story of how Team Trump toiled on a long proposed Trump Tower in Moscow. A hundred stories tall. An icon. Trump-fashioned glass and steel reaching high in the sky to spell out loud, to high heavens and low men alike … “TRUMP”.

“TRUMP“ Envisioned by The Don. Emblazoned upon the skyline of Moscow. A cautionary tale. A near incredible, story of how Trump’s

commemoration, of himself, one hundred stories tall, never, happened. Not for want of trying to spell, out loudly … “TRUMP”.

Bob’s happy to do so. To correct a summary, misstatement. And to officially call upon special governmental enforcer and RICO,

special agent. Art suspects testimony more dramatic even than John Dean’s from Nixon’s impeachment. Who ye gonna call if not RICO?

@AOC @GretaThunberg @davidhogg111: Why not a clearinghouse? Let US learn how Nobel winner Mandela’s model of Truth and Reconciliation

helps US @MoveOn from criminal pasts, to futures, recast. Reprise, Madiba Mandela’s, noble, Truth, and Reconciliation.

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