A lot to lose has the master puppeteer. Imagine the shock waves of a forced resignation of The Don, upon his brothers, in the cabal. Especially,

Vladimir, Xi and Kim. When they realize that the people are wise, to their shenanigans. And their … apostasy.

Shenanigans, political and apostasy, spiritual. The foundation of much of the conflict bloodily marking, history, nonfictional. Lots to lose has Putin,

the master, puppeteer. And apprentice, puppeteers. Imagine their consternation, on Don’s resignation.

That consternation was on display last evening at the brothers’ nightly soirée, on Luna. Converging on Luna, in dreams. Meeting there, truths, to tell,

not lies. To spark the conceptual phase of, Kim and Don’s, Kim-Don Plan, the truth … to tell.

Indeed only cursorily has the Kim-Don Plan been considered by its purported co-author, Presidents: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; Xi Jinping; Kim

Jong un and Donald John Trump. Co-authors of allegorical fiction, nonfictional. Key are Nobels for Don and Kim.

Key to the climax of the greatest story ever tweeted, ironically, are two statuettes. Statuettes become a planet’s greatest prizes. Don and Kim,

authors of MAYDAYS’s real allegorical fiction, may really be Nobel Peace Prize winners. All hail, Don, and Kim.

Kim and Don. Authors, along with Vlad and Xi of allegorical fiction, worthy maybe of a Peace Prize, or, alternatively, a Nobel for literature. Kim and Don.

Sounds … rhymes … like Kingdom. A portent. Of peaceful prosperity. Born of The Kim and The Don.

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