Co-authored and self-published by Sino-Russo neighbors Vlad and Xi, on the dark web; a text to subvert big-headed, sore-loser, Americans.

Negotiate with President Don and with President Don only. Just flatter him. Get good deals, from a witless, American.

The youthful face of climate change is Greta’s. Smooth, not weather-beaten, like men. A modern day, Joan of Arc. Only 16. Short, of stature. Towering

over, taller, men. The story of a child that could. She did. Because she could, over taller men, towering.

The iceman, Don, cometh. And Don, since ye know, what ye’ve done, ye know, what’s coming. Until recently, like Kim in Hanoi, ye’ve had no plan,

alternative. A contingency, Plan B’. And ye’ve presided, poorly. Greta on the contrary … has a great … plan.

At the Watcher Penemue’s direction Arthur presents to the Urantians, Twitter’s propriety algorithm, as present. To pen tweets to entities,

proprietary, corporate, corporal or political, decision, making They need not, rhyme. But they must be … timely.

Everything past; everything present; everything in futures, too (having happened (then), too), literally, string connected to encompassing, presents.

Pasts and futures, in circuit, connected. Arthur presents to thee, Twitter’s algorithm, as present.

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