Being so forearmed; with pens, keyboard keys and other hi-tech, word, weaponries, the word may very well become, mightier even than lies,

venerable. Albeit not, perhaps, steely swords. Count, on the children. And disarm not, before the venerable, lie.

Verily, disarm not, before the lie. Rather, arm yourselves, in self-defense. For even if truthful words became, by decree today, mightier than lies,

tomorrow, it would take, a generation, at a minimum to undo the effects, of countless generations, of lies.

Even if truthful words became by decree today, mightier than lies, tomorrow, it would take a generation, at a minimum, to undo the effects of lies,

countless, over the generations. Disarm not, before lies. Rather, arm yourselves against dehumanizing … lies.

Arm yourself against the dehumanizing lies that characterize, so disgracefully, life, on Urantia (Earth). Children, from

their parents, learn. Citizens, from governments. Decrying criminal presidents of nations is Art on behalf of the citizens, there from.

The criminal presidents of the nations are ruling, autocratically. And in the presidents, the citizens, have no, confidence. None. The presidents

soirée (dream) there because only on the surface of Luna, in this solar system is Truth spoken, in confidence.

Masters of the universe (not), universally, ruling.
For, evolutionary, are ye. Not crowning creations, but rather, developing, beings. Urantia’s perennial

lying, acts like a brake. Against, further evolving. To make of man, a footnote in annals, universal.

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