On humanitarian and on national security grounds, Don would build, a wall. A steel, see-through wall, thirty feet tall, and beautiful. But the Dems

ain’t buying. The Dems plan on passing on Don’s plan for a wall, and passing, as well, on Don. All, of them.

Quit, stalling. The Dems ain’t buying. And the Mexicans ain’t paying. And Americans, on humanitarian AND on national security grounds, are saying,

increasingly, that the President had better shelve, the wall. Because Dems and the
Mexicans … ain’t paying.

The real crisis is not on the border. It’s in, the White House, itself. Verily, the Emperor hath, no clothes. And no, credibility. And The Don’s Hail Mary,

last night, was, a last ditch, last hurrah. For comes Bob’s report … with the ides … of January.

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