Putin’s puppet The Don, is presiding over US. Mitt though, is no fan, of the Vlad. And as for Don, Mitt can see the handwriting, on the wall. And so Mitt

alternately praises Don and berates him. Setting himself up to run for President in 2020, is the Mitt.

On The Don. And the Mitt. And on which of the two is the more, Mittyesque. On intentionally misleading others into believing … a perception

that one is something, which one is not. On being a hypocrite. Ironies pervade the story, nay, the legend … of the Mitt … and The Don.

As President Don heads into his third calendar year, as President, the Dow is headed for a 350-point drop, as Chinese economic data, disappoints. Disappointing,

verily, has been the Don’s presidency, so disqualifying. His wanton corruption, is disqualifying.

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